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Is Small Business IT Support Unique?

Is IT really any different for small businesses than it is for other organizations? This is an important question to ask and answer for a couple of reasons. First, the answer will shape how small businesses pursue IT support. If…

Tips for Managing Remote Employees

Everyday more companies allow their employees to work from home.  At Willits Technologies we have direct experience with this.  We have one employee who works from home full time (in another state) and we allow our all employees flexibility in…

Security Best Practices

A lack of security makes small businesses vulnerable to lost data, lost productivity, and legal liability issues.

The following is a list of basic best practices every small business needs to create a secure computing environment.

Phishing and Spear Phishing Email Scams

Phishing and Spear Phishing are becoming more common and more dangerous.  It’s critical that all of your employees be aware of it and know how to spot it.

Security 101 – Password Policies

A good password policy should include these requirements for length, complexity, regular password changes, and history.

Security 101 – Two-Factor Authentication

There is no way to overstate this:  2FA is much more secure than “password only” authentication.

Take the First Step Toward High-Level, Affordable IT.

Your business shouldn’t be at an IT disadvantage. With managed IT services from Willits Technologies, you can get access to enterprise-level IT at small business prices.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We’ll discuss the needs of your business and take the first steps toward a solution that you can depend on.

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