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The Real Costs of IT

The “real” cost of IT has more to do with how much you pay your employees than with your direct IT costs. To understand the true cost of IT you must include the many “hidden” costs that are buried in your IT system and how they affect your payroll.


In this article I will explain what VoIP means for agencies and, most importantly, how it can save you money and increase productivity.

Security 101 – Local Admin Rights

Should you give Local Admin Rights to the user that will log into a computer?

Security 101 – Local User Accounts

Properly managing Local User Accounts is critical for both security and recovering a malfunctioning computer.  Unfortunately many people aren’t even aware they exist and even fewer know what they should do with them.

Re-thinking Data Backup

New backup solutions can significantly reduce lost data and downtime in any type of disaster.

File Management

The Desktop might just be the worst place you can save files to because it actually makes your computer start and run slower. Learn where you should save files.

Take the First Step Toward High-Level, Affordable IT.

Your business shouldn’t be at an IT disadvantage. With managed IT services from Willits Technologies, you can get access to enterprise-level IT at small business prices.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We’ll discuss the needs of your business and take the first steps toward a solution that you can depend on.

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