Breached or stolen passwords are the bane of any organization’s cybersecurity, passwords cause over 80% of data breaches. Hackers get in using stolen, weak, or reused (and easily breached) passwords. But passwords are a part of life, since you can’t get around passwords, how do you share them with employees safely? Our recommendation is using a Password Management App, Keeper.

Keeper makes day-to-day work life much easier; it is a simple extension on your browser that “keeps” your passwords safe in one place and autofill’s them for you when you go to login on a website you have visited before. No more remembering and creating complex passwords, let Keeper do it for you.

In case you didn’t know, CompleteCare Customers have access to our password management app, Keeper at no extra charge.

So, why Use a Business Password Management App?

•Centralized Password Management
A primary advantage of password managers is their ability to centralize password management, they keep employees from using weak, repetitive passwords, and from storing them in vulnerable places.

•End-to-End Encryption
Leading password managers use robust encryption techniques to protect sensitive data.

•Secure Password Sharing Features
Password managers often come with secure password-sharing features, they allow administrators to share passwords with team members, and to do this without revealing the actual password.

•Password Generation and Complexity
Password managers typically come with built-in password generators; they create strong, complex passwords that are difficult to crack.

•Secure Sharing with Third Parties
Password managers offer secure methods for sharing credentials with third-party collaborators or contractors.

If you are not using Keeper in your organization and are interested in implementing it, please reach out today and we will get you started!

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