Cybersecurity Services for Small Business

Your sensitive information deserves more than a “set-it and forget-it” attitude. Pro-actively remediate security threats with our holistic approach to small business security.

Get peace of mind in securing your business data and managing remote teams with our CompleteCare IT Solution!


Pro-Active Remediation

24×7 proactive monitoring and alerts for all systems and devices.

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Network & Tools Infrastructure

Identify and close all gaps that make systems vulnerable to attack whether in the office or remotely.

Security Process

Our expertise and sophisticated security stack help businesses improve their security process. Avoid social engineering attacks such as phishing with our security awareness staff training.

Overhaul Your Security, Mitigate Security Risks, and Take an Offensive Approach to Secure Your Data

Willits Technologies takes security very seriously for our customers and ourselves. We don’t just look at security as a set-it and forget-it software solution. Security is embedded in all of our solutions and procedures along with our periodic security reviews.

We provide a sophisticated “stack” of security software for our clients along with over 20 years of IT security expertise.


Remote Monitoring and Management

Our clients enjoy a core monitoring and alerting system for all of the computers, and other devices they manage to mitigate security risks. This system includes the following key capabilities:

  • 24×7 Proactive monitoring and alerting for all of your computers, and other devices.
  • Patch Management for both your Windows operating system and other key software like MS Office, Adobe, Java, and many other apps.
  • Enforces strong security policies like password length, complexity and disabling un-need user accounts.
  • Automated routine maintenance and remediation of alerts.
  • Sophisticated troubleshooting tools for resolving problems fast.
  • Remote control for assisting your users and performing work on computers.
  • Detailed documentation of your computers and devices with extensive reporting.


Email Security

  • High-quality email security identifies viruses, spam and phishing Attempts before they reach your email
  • Daily quarantine report for each user that allows release or whitelist right from the email


Web Security

  • Protects from online security threats while browsing the internet and allows content filtering by categories


Advanced Phishing Protection

  • Advanced phishing and spear phishing protection for your email
  • Blocks impersonation attempts & executes all email links in a “sandbox” to verify safety


Advanced Threat Protection and Zero Trust Endpoint Security

  • Zero Trust Endpoint Security protects your network by authenticating and continuously validating every application within the organization
  • provides detail documentation of your Windows network and m365


Detailed Security Scanning

  • Continuously scans your local network, computers and M365 environment
  • alerts to any security vulnerabilities and critical changes</li
  • provides detail documentation of your Windows network and m365


Password Manager

  • enable users to use complex passwords for logins without having to remember them
  • WTI provides software for password management with the ability to share passwords and provide 2FA login codes

Empower Your Staff to Avoid Malicious Attacks

Security Awareness Training

As part of our all-in-one security solution, we work closely with our clients to empower their staff to avoid common malicious attacks such as phishing scams. Our Security Awareness Training provides an automated training program for employees and tests them by sending simulated malware emails to see if your staff is keeping up with your security process and best practices. Staff members that fail the test are then redirected back into more training.

Over 95% of phishing attacks come through email. Is your staff ready?