We have always preached using good passwords and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to our clients but we continue to be disappointed by how few actually do it. There is just no way around it when it comes to the best practices for managing passwords:

Basic Security requires good passwords!

Good Security requires good passwords and 2FA!

Good passwords MUST have the following:

  • Length – At least 10 characters but 15 to 20 is much better
  • Complexity – Upper and lowercase letters, Numbers and Special Characters
  • Unique – Never use the same password multiple places

So why don’t people do this? It’s simple because they can’t remember all these complex passwords. Fortunately, there is a solution:

Use a Password Manager!

Password Managers remember your passwords for you so you don’t have to. Not only will they automatically fill-in your passwords for you, but they can create random complex passwords and provide 2FA codes. Now you can easily use 2FA and make your passwords unique, long and complex.


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Good Password Managers let you access and fill your passwords from anywhere: Computer, Phone or Tablet. There are lots of good password managers in the market: Keeper, LastPass, Dashlane, etc and most have a free version for private use (often with reduced features). But…

Your Company Needs a Password Manager

As a business, you should implement a business-wide password manager that lets your users easily manage their passwords but also provides the ability to manage and share passwords. With a business-wide system you can:

  • Share individual usernames and password with other users in your organization
  • Create Shared Folders with usernames and password that some or all of your users can access
  • Provide 2FA codes right from the password manager
  • Revoke access to usernames and passwords when a user leaves your organization.
  • Enforce 2FA and password requirements on all logins

A business-wide system lets you take control of, and maximize, the security of your entire organization.

Really Important Note:

If you use a password manager you MUST make sure that your username and password for accessing the password manager is very secure and you MUST use 2FA. Fortunately, this will be the only one you have to remember!

CompleteCare clients get it for free!

Willits Technologies provides the Keeper Business password manager to all of our CompleteCare clients as part of our service. For clients with other service levels, it is available for a small monthly fee per user.

Contact us today to take a critical step in making your business more secure!

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