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VoIP Phone Systems

Our fully managed VoIP phone systems offer an end-to-end solution, tailored to your unique needs.

Revolutionize your Business Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a solution that enables your business to make and receive calls through an internet connection, rather than through a traditional telephone line. Our feature-rich, cost-effective and scalable VoIP solutions enable your business to conduct calling seamlessly via any internet-connected device, whether you’re in the office, working remotely, or on the go.

Our VoIP Systems offer everything you need to stay connected and efficient, streamline your workflows and boost productivity. Hosted in the Cloud with our 3CX phone system, our systems provide enterprise features at an affordable price, optimized for small business.

Discover Remote-Friendly Calling

Empower your team to stay connected from anywhere, with seamless, high-quality calls available on any internet-connected device.

Experience Seamless Integration

Enjoy smooth and hassle-free integration with your existing software and tools, streamlining your calls and boosting productivity.

Tailor Our VoIP System To Your Needs

Our solutions are custom-designed to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring you have the features that best support your goals.

Save On Costs

Our Managed Systems offer up to 80% cost savings over traditional solutions, offering high-quality service, without the hefty price tag.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Hear how our approach and services have transformed lives and businesses from the testimonials of our satisfied clients.

“We have worked with Willits for over 4 years and we are very happy with the service and commitment we receive from their complete team.

With the program we have with Willits our equipment and programs are always up to date with no added expense. We would recommend them to be your one source IT team.”
Sharon Freytag
Weighing Technologies, Inc.

Transform your calling with 3CX Technology

Investing in our 3CX Phone System will revolutionize the way that your business communicates. Experience unmatched efficiency and connectivity, with a system that scales effortlessly as your business grows.

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge technology that enhances productivity and simplifies communication 3CX is the solution for your business. Get in touch today for a free demo or to discuss your needs and let’s take the first step toward a comprehensive communications solution that will take your business to the next level.

Comprehensive Features

With our 3CX Phone System you can enjoy features such as a virtual recpetionist, voicemail to email, follow me/ find me, hotkey dialing, call queues, ring groups and conference calling. Compatible with any voice service (including SIP, PRI and POTS), the system can scale effortlessly with unlimited extensions and phone lines. Our Pro version also offers CRM integration, user chat and video conferencing. 

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Desktop Call Management

Our 3CX Phone System can enhance your desktop call management capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly place, transfer or park calls, record calls with a single click, and view colleagues’ status. Easily configure forwarding rules and access extensive call history. Upgrade to 3CX today to experience a seamless, efficient and powerful call management system that supports your business needs.


Fully Managed Technology

3CX is a fully managed communication solution that can be tailored to your business needs. It can handle everything, from call flow configuration to providing phone numbers / DIDs, ensuring seamless voice service and managing monthly minutes. Enjoy the convenience of desk phones and a mobile app for on-the-go communication, with reliable backup technology at hand.

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Managed IT

Exceptionally good hassle-free IT; we’ll take the burden of tech from your shoulders while maximizing your team’s productivity.

Azure Hosted Solutions

Boost performance with our Azure hosted desktop and server solutions.


Stay secure against today’s spectrum of cyber threats with advanced cyber security protection for your IT environment.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Prevent data disaster and ensure business continuity with our BCDR solution.

Supporting your Customers, Operations and Growth

We’re confident that our tailored solutions can elevate your business and drive success. From optimized IT management and enhanced communication to fortified cybersecurity and rapid recovery, we understand what your business needs to run smoothly. Ensure seamless operations and growth by partnering with us today.

Ask Steve Anything!

Have an IT challenge or opportunity on your mind? Book a no-obligation (yes, really!) consultation with our President, Steve, today for actionable insights and guidance.

Steve will be glad to listen, ask questions and help you to find a way forward, all with no sales tactics and pre-packaged solutions, just value and real relationships.