Small businesses face unique IT support challenges that make the task of selecting the right support provider particularly important.

Small businesses often find themselves with IT support that isn’t responsive. They may rely on a connection – a tech-savvy friend or relative – to set things up, then struggle to get timely help when issues arise. Or, they may outsource to a provider that’s chasing bigger accounts and doesn’t prioritize their needs.

Cybercrime is a notable risk. Small businesses are vulnerable to attacks, making them appealing targets for hackers; a recent Verizon study found that 58% of all cybercrime victims are small businesses.

Many small businesses make technology decisions on a day-by-day basis without enough consideration for their future needs. They may not have the expertise to properly evaluate what their future needs will be (or how their systems will be able to support them).

All told, IT support for small businesses is difficult. But it’s crucial to get it right.

That’s why we recommend working with a provider that’s experienced in providing IT support for the small business space. They should know the unique challenges small businesses face and be well-versed in the technology solutions that will best meet them. For Houston small businesses, the good news is that our city offers a selection of these providers.

Additionally, we believe that high-quality communication and a local presence are crucial components in providing quality IT support to small businesses. Together with small business expertise, we think of these qualities as three boxes to check. Each of the companies below is presented with that framework in mind.

Okay – with that said, here’s our selection of the top IT support companies for small business in Houston, Texas.

1. Willits Technologies

We’re probably slightly biased, but we firmly believe in our small business IT services.

At Willits, our team is built on quality communication. Our techs average over a decade of IT experience and are on top of the latest technology trends. Our support team is there when you need us – fast.

And since we’re right down the road in Houston, we’re also able to come onsite quickly to troubleshoot complex issues and keep your IT running smoothly.

Plus, of course, we’re built to serve small businesses. Our team is small enough to offer the personalized service small businesses need – but big enough to take care of any issue or strategic consideration.

We believe we check all three boxes – locality, communication quality, and small business expertise.

If you’re ready for better small business IT, get in touch.

2. eNet Systems, Inc.

NetSystems is a good option for small business IT support in Houston thanks to their small business focus.

Here’s how they describe it: “As a small or medium size business owner, we realize that your company runs on technology. When your technology is down, so is your company. That’s why eNet Systems focuses on providing business owners like you peace of mind with our Managed IT Services.”

Because they serve larger clients, too, we’d consider them somewhat stronger in locality and communication than in small business expertise.

3. Truewater

Truewater is one of the larger IT service providers in the Houston area, but they do offer service geared toward small businesses.

From their homepage: “When it comes to IT Services, Truewater is the Small Business expert. For close to 20 years, we’ve been helping small and medium-sized businesses in Houston, Texas with reliable, affordable IT support.”

Small business is a focus. But they do require that their clients have at least 15 workstations and they also service a variety of larger (100+ workstation) sites, so, again, small business expertise is less of a strength.


JLBCTECH Inc is notable for the business’s direct focus on small businesses and offices; in fact, they’ve specifically noted in their tagline that they offer “IT solutions for small businesses.”

That’s important, since, as we’ve noted, small business IT is unique, making it helpful to work with a provider that has expertise in the space. From their about page:

“JLBCTECH Inc., specializes in providing affordable IT Support Solutions for Small Offices/Small Business in Houston Texas. Fast and affordable computer repair services at your doorsteps. We provide computer network support solutions, web design, small business search engine optimization and marketing, email solution designed for Small Business (Hosted Exchange, Activesync/Blackberry).”

***UPDATE: JLBCTECH Inc is now closed.***

5. xlrINT

Don’t let the fact that xlrINT is hard to pronounce slow you down – these guys have an admirable approach to IT support.

From their about page:

“xlrINT was formed in 2008 to provide a wide range of tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium healthcare businesses in and around Houston. We are committed to providing each and every one of our clients with high quality service and support. Our unique IT team is incredibly friendly and can help you every step of the way in growing your business.”

We appreciate the focus on communication – focusing on friendly service helps to ensure that work is aligned to users’ needs, and they mention elsewhere that they do their best to avoid “geek speak”. It’s also worth noting that they’re specifically focused on small businesses in the healthcare space – so if your business isn’t healthcare, you’ll do best to look elsewhere.

6. Cloudspace USA

Cloudspace USA, as the name suggests, got its start providing cloud solutions to Houston small businesses. But, in addition to offering virtual workstations and server space in the cloud, the company offers IT support, too. Here’s how they describe it on their homepage:

“Our Houston based firm is an all-in-one IT services company and security leader. We provide cloud computing and IT managed services in Texas. We provide small and medium sized businesses with the computing power of larger competitors, while helping them to maintain a stable, secure, and updated computing environment to help drive their businesses.”

If your small business could benefit from local, cloud-based services, Cloudspace USA is worth a look. They’re small-business-focused and local – if there’s one area where they’re a bit weaker, it may be communication, as they seem to be more focused on technology than service.

7. SMB Integrations

Finally, let’s end with a Houston IT support provider that has their small business focus baked into their name: SMB Integrations.

Here’s how they describe their work:

“Everyone from our customer service team to our technicians to even our finance and operations group are obsessive about creating the best possible environment for your business to thrive. We know that having a solid, reliable and secure infrastructure allows you to focus on what you do best: grow your business.”

(Note: we’ve been notified that their website appears to be hacked as of February 2020, so be careful clicking through.)

Are You Ready to Take the First Step Toward Better Small Business IT Support?

Small businesses have a unique set of IT support needs, but Houston providers can help to meet them. Hopefully, this selection has been helpful in identifying the variety of services available.

And if you’re still looking for a local IT support company with small business expertise, high-quality communication skills, and responsive support – let’s talk.

At Willits Technologies, we firmly believe that, using the framework above, we’re the top option on this list. We’d love to help you analyze your IT needs and identify what the best solutions will be for your environment. Our techs average a decade of experience, our support is lightning fast, and we’re designed to serve small businesses like yours.

You deserve better small business IT support. If you’re ready for it, get in touch with us today.

Take the First Step Toward High-Level, Affordable IT.

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