Do You Struggle with These Technology System Issues?

High Expenses

Are your current software and hardware solutions overcharging you for basic feature sets?

Subpar Security

Does your current technology environment leave room for attacks? Is local data at risk?

Slow Systems

Do local apps lag in your current environment? Are issues recurring? Are response times too long?

Don’t Pay for What You Don’t Need. Choose G-Suite on Chromebooks from Willits Technologies to Maximize Your Business’s Efficiency.

For some businesses, local apps and high-powered, on-premise machines can pose unnecessary cost and security challenges. Google solutions serviced by Willits are a great alternative for many small businesses.

G-Suite is the Google alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s completely online, meaning there’s no complex software to install. It’s intuitive and accessible from anywhere on any device. It’s highly secure and offers unmatched collaboration capabilities.

And, of course, it comes at a much lower cost than traditional local apps (like Office 365).

With our managed services for Google solutions, you can access these benefits with the support of outstanding service. We can also support multi-platform environments; if most of your users use cloud apps but a few require Windows apps, we can service both (and the technology will be more affordable than choosing a full Windows environment).

Google solutions from Willits offer lower costs, higher security, and better service.

G-Suite Includes:

  • Gmail (use your own domain name)
  • Calendar / Tasks
  • Drive (File Storage)
  • Docs (Word Processing)
  • Sheets (Spreadsheets)
  • Slides (Presentations)
  • Keep (Note taking)
  • Hangouts Meet (Video Conferencing)
  • Hangouts Chat (Team Chat)
  • Forms (Create Online Forms that save results to Sheets)
  • Sites (Website builder)
  • Centralized Admin for Everything
  • And more


Chromebooks and Chromeboxes run ChromeOS, the Google operating system that enables access to online apps. They don’t run Microsoft Windows or related apps. Instead, they process functions through the cloud.

As a result, they’re inexpensive, intuitive, and secure, while also offering the functionality that the majority of small businesses need.

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